Foreword by Baroness Howells, OBE


One of the first women to sit on the Grenada Legislature ‘Gert Protain’ had some difficulty getting hold of her biographer.  When she finally made contact she said to her “Child you are so hard to find I am going to call you “Firefly” – immediately another nickname was born.

Being asked to write the foreword to this publication led me to a detailed reading, which gave me many laughs and a clearer understanding of the origins of nicknames.

The author has taken great pains to place her narrative in the context of the “Spice Island” by including descriptions of the people: its beginnings, its customs and how she fits into the story –  all of which help to bring the characters to life for the reader.  As a Grenadian living abroad I learnt more about nicknames and how they came about.

From reading this book you will gather that the writer captures the spirit of nicknames in Grenada.  As the reader will experience, from enslavement to belonging, nicknames tell a story of Grenadian communities and the relationship between people.

Read it.


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    Howells was the first black woman to sit on the GLC’s Training Board; the first female member of the Court of Governors of the University of Greenwich and was the Vice Chair at the London Voluntary Services Council. She has worked with the Carnival Liaison Committee, and the Greater London Action in Race Equality and has been an active campaigner for justice in the field of race relations.

    • nicknames

      She does have a long history of service and I was very pleased she agreed to do the foreword. Hope you enjoy the book!

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