Read, learn and laugh

The first and only book on nicknames in Grenada

Shirley Anstis interviews more than 70 people to find out more.

This book lets you in on their private stories ...and brings to life other people with nicknames.

You’ll Learn:

Why the history of Grenada is important in how the island is inhabited today 

How the island's geography and housing has created a hotbed for nicknames to flourish.

How men and women experience nicknames differently

Why many people celebrate its part in the island's culture

"Being asked to write this foreword...gave me many laughs and a clearer understanding of the origins of nicknames”

From reading this book you will gather that the writer captures the spirit of nicknames in Grenada.

Baroness Howells of St. David's - House of Lords, U.K.

Baroness Howells of St. David

"This is a pleasing and reflective book on Grenadian nicknames. 

It beguiles (even remote outsiders like me) in its content and appearance.

 An adroit choice of colours and of font for chapter headings complements the content and approach." 

Rob B.

Grenada, Caribbean

"Amazingly simple to read and great content. I am pleased to have found this book and would strongly recommend it."

Charlie N.

Bird of paradise, Grenada, Caribbean

Really enjoyed reading this book. Very accessible, and, I imagine, an excellent read if you are planning a visit or holiday to Grenada. 

It sets the unusual topic of nicknames within both historical and cultural perspectives and portrays a very different intimate insight into the country and the Grenadians themselves. 


St. Georges, Grenada,  Caribbean

Shirley Anstis, author, counsellor, editor

Shirley Anstis

About the Author

Shirley Anstis sits squarely between writing and therapy. As an author she writes about things that have meaning for her. 

She has lived in Grenada, The Bahamas and the United Kingdom and this gives her an insight into belonging and difference. 

It was a real privilege for her to speak to people about their nicknames and to see how they live with it and it fits into the community.

She launched They Call wide praise in Grenada, doing several interviews on Grenada Broadcasting Network and G.I.S.

She launched the book in the U.K. and has been featured on BBC Berkshire, Vox Africa and Get Reading. 

As well as being an author Shirley has a B.Sc in Psychology and Sociology, a Masters in Careers Guidance and a Diploma in Counselling. She practices as a counsellor, and when she is not writing, continues to attend and lead courses on writing our stories, therapeutic writing, and mindfulness.

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